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Rahul, a sudent from Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design in London, sent us info on a project that a group of MA design studies students are doing, called Re:Collect. It’s an RFID bracelet that keeps track of common items you might carry (phone, keys, iPod, etc) and flashes, beeps, and vibrates when these items are out of range (i.e. when you leave them behind). Above, a student shows a mock-up of the product and its packaging. It’s not clear from the email where this is in the development process, in terms of it becoming a real product, when, or how much it would cost. Maybe Rahul will chime in with Comments and let us know.


10 thoughts on “Re:Collect, magic RFID bracelet of remembering

  1. joe says:

    “Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design” and you question if it is a real product??! How gullible are you? It’s just a mock up. 100% sure. The cameraman didn’t pan to show the bracelet actually working. It’s not like it was on a stand, there was a guy holding it who actively decided to keep shooting a boring cell phone instead of showing the product actually working. Nobody would do that.

    Besides, a student project wouldn’t be able to fit a rfid antenna, vibrator, custom circuitry, and a battery in a bracelet that small, especially not an art college student.

    No, this was done for a marketing class. It’s obvious that these kids don’t know anything about actually making the product like this, even if it is a good idea.

    1. Rahul pramanik says:

      Hello makezine team,

      thank you for featuring us. Pls have a look at our website for detailed information.

      Well it is indeed in development stage right now. We have the designs and we have the manufacturers ready to put it into production. So every single detail we have put in the website or talked about in the video is possible to be manufactured and is not a figment of our imagination.

      All we are awaiting for is investor backing to get it started. The retail price depending on how much margin the investor and the retailer will have will wary from anything between $ 20 to $ 30 and will come along with 3 tags that you can put on any belonging you deem valuable.

      We have recieved an overwhelming response to this and are very keen to get it out in the market as soon as we can. Awaiting to hear more from all of you.


    2. Rahul pramanik says:

      @ joe – Thank you for your feedback joe. Much appreciate. However,this was not done for a marketing class. The reason for shooting the demo video like that was for two reasons: i. to explain the consumer simply how the product functions ii. We dont have a working prototype yet with our design due to the cost factors of manufacturing moulds and other stuff. We do have a working one with another design, but we didnt show it as it will not make sense to put one design in the video and have another in the pictures section.
      So you are right about the camera panning bit and i hope you understand why it was shot like that now.

      As for the bit about understanding product design, well we might not know everything, but we know everybit there is to in terms of this product and it is based on active rfid which basically means continuous scanning of the tags happening by the reader to ensure it is within distance range. That is the reason, the size of the bracelet and tags are still a bit bulkier in terms of the design and not something very sleek and stylish. We have a patent pending as well, and hopefully with investor backing, we should start production pretty soon.

      Hope this begins to answer some doubts that you had in mind.


  2. Wifigod says:

    Reminds me of this similar Bluetooth powered product from Think Geek.

    1. Rahul pramanik says:

      Hi there, well i have had a look at the product and i would say that it is fairly similar in one of the functions, however as the thing is based on bluetooth and can be paired with mobiles or stuff that has bluetooth, it eliminates the possiblity of tagging belongings that dont come under that category.

      Our product is aimed at anything “that you really value” and is therefore based on rfid to be usable with anything.



  3. Anonymous says:

    What an interesting idea. I Wouldn’t want to be leashed by that. Tethered comes to mind too.

  4. Mubeen says:

    i just went through ur other website… your product does seem sensible as i tend to loose most of my stuff!! i really like it and i think its gonna do well… i think for ppl like me its gonna be one hell of a useful product!

    1. rahul says:

      thanks mubeen. I am glad you like it. Well yes, forgetfulness is a universal phenomenon these days..and is no longer associated with elderlies…

      so hopefully we hit the right target!

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