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Today only – get CrossOver (usually $70) for free – runs Win apps on Mac and Linux… Saw this all over the place today, downloading now…

CodeWeavers’ mission is to make Linux and Mac OS X fully Windows compatible operating systems. We do this through the power of Wine, which powers all of our CrossOver products. The CrossOver products make it possible to run Windows programs on Mac OS X and Linux without needing a copy or license for Windows itself. Wine is an open-source reimplementation of the Win32 API for Unix-based operating systems. Wine allows Windows applications to be run without a Windows operating system license. CodeWeavers is the largest corporate sponsor of the Wine Project, and contributes all of its work to free Wine.

10 thoughts on “Run Win apps on Mac/Linux (free)

  1. Josh Brown says:

    Anyone else having problems getting CrossOver Mac pro to install?

    Maybe getting a message saying the program is “not supported” on this system?

  2. julian bond says:

    Err, why not just install Wine? Oh. Wait. It’s a Mac so of course you have to pay.

    BTW. Why is the comments system on the Make blog *so slow*?

  3. Phillip Torrone says:

    thanks julian, we’ve alerted our team about the comments.

  4. Churtin says:

    No offense julian, but why do you have to hate on the Mac people and platform in general? Did you not read the title that says Mac/LINUX, clearly stating that CrossOver is for both? Maybe some people don’t want to spend all their time learning how to compile and debugging when things go wrong. And if you want, you can install Wine on OS X. Next time please think and maybe do a little research before posting stupid and pointless comments bashing operating systems you probably don’t like and look down upon.

  5. mootwo says:

    CAn someone tell me why a story about software that’s free only on Tuesday Oct 27, 2008 was “Posted by Phillip Torrone | Oct 28, 2008 09:00 AM”?

    What use is this to anyone now?

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