Turn an old router into a repeater

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Turn an old router into a repeater

I love it when the internet seems to magically anticipate your needs and provides the info you desire. Such was the case today when, just last night, I thought I needed to finally break down and figure out how to seriously boost the wi-fi range in our house (which is too unreliable on the other end of the house, non-existent in the basement). Via Steve Roberts and Facebook came a link to this how-to on Lifehacker. Kevin Purdy shows you how to configure an old router to act as a wi-fi repeater via the magic of DD-WRT. Hey, I have an old Linksys router… [Thanks, Steve!]

Turn Your Old Router into a Range-Boosting Wi-Fi Repeater

2 thoughts on “Turn an old router into a repeater

  1. RocketGuy says:

    Using DD-WRT is a good way to increase the stability of linksys routers in general(as long as you don’t brick it). The improvement over the stock firmware is actually pretty significant.

    That said, wireless repeating isn’t an ideal networking solution, generally speaking. I’ve used a number of solutions and helped test some Cisco prototypes of the early wifi mesh stuff as well, and it’s always had more promise than delivery. It can work, but it’s not bulletproof.

    Basically, this is a neat project for somebody with an old router, nothing to lose after all. Just don’t expect it to work incredibly well or with fantastic reliability. Good reliability, sure, just not what you’d get with a copper connection say. (I admit, I think in terms of enterprise class reliability, not dude-with-a-$50-router-in-the-garage level reliability).

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