Turn your iPhone into a brain machine

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Turn your iPhone into a brain machine


Inspired by the Brain Machine project, Jason created brain entrainment software for iPhone –

Simply select the duration of the session and your desired state of mind and MindPulse will use flashing light and binaural beats to entrain your brain from its current state and into the state you have selected.

Very cool! I officially need a new phone – MindPulse

Hack Your Brain – Make Video Podcast

Brain Machine Kit

6 thoughts on “Turn your iPhone into a brain machine

  1. Andy says:

    I for one would like to say I enjoy these iPhone posts.

    There are SO many iPhone apps that I don’t know where to begin to find the cool or interesting ones, so it’s nice to see these. I bought the Ocarina app last week and thought it was great.

    So keep em coming.

  2. Jason J. Gullickson says:

    Thank you MAKE for featuring our app!

    We have a lot of improvements under development but I especially look forward to feedback from other makers!


  3. Collin Cunningham says:

    @Jason – nice n’ simple app, thanks for releasing it.

    2 ideas came to mind(npi) –
    * user selectable screen-flash color
    * a selectable starting wave as well as the target
    could be interesting

    anyway, good stuff!

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