Upcycled-Computer Christmas Wreath

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Upcycled-Computer Christmas Wreath

Over in the Maker Camp G+ Community, Louis Pelissier posted a photo of the fun, geeky Christmas wreath he made out of old computer parts. I asked him about it, and he says:

It is made out of 25 memory chips from old computers. The bow is a red Cat5 network cable. Three old keyboards were used for the lettering (three Rs were needed). One keyboard was taken apart and the housing that holds the keys in place was cut to the number of letter spaces to hold the words “Merry Christmas” and 4 extra spaces for the wire ties.

The memory was wire tied together at the holes in the memory chips and loosly attached to a wreath hoop that was purchased for less than $8 at a craft store. Each loop of memory was attached together, then the loop was attached to the wreath hoop. Two loops of 8 memory chips on the inside, and one loop of 9 on the outside. (that outside loop could use one or two more memory chips to make it round)

Everything is attached with small wire ties.


I work as a Technology Coordinator for a school district and I wanted to have a tech decoration that would pique the students curiosity about what is inside a computer.

Most kids only have knowledge of a computer based on what they see on the screen. Very few have seen the inside of a computer, or any of the electronic components that make up the computers.

Next year I have plans and will save some broken or obsolete materials for more decorations. Hopefully I get an earlier start in creating them and I can make a how to for making them for the beginning of the holiday season.



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