USB-powered page turner

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USB-powered page turner

This guitar player built a USB-powered pedal switch (with conductive fabric switches) for hands-free scrolling/paging while he’s playing guitar.

USB Pedal Page Turner – Link

6 thoughts on “USB-powered page turner

  1. Rocketguy says:

    Yet another “goshwow” post, no real information just a couple of pictures. I’m getting tired of people just using this as a pipe to flickr. Please, if you’re going to post, and this does look like a worthy project, post with INFORMATION. schematics, parts lists, something…
    Not like it needs to be all pretty and perfect, but consider the audience a little. We like to see HOW not just that you did something and want a gold star.

  2. kwa says:

    I hear ya on that one, Rocketguy

  3. garagemonkeysan says:

    If you go to the Flicker link and scroll around to find the bottom photo, you’ll see that photo has some links to instructions. The instructions aren’t for the exact build but should get you close enough.
    There are a total of four images at Flicker each with short build notes.
    If there’s more interest I’d be happy to provide more info/photos.

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