Votomatic III punch-card machines for sale

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Votomatic III punch-card machines for sale

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This fellow is selling a boat load of Votomatic III punch-card machines from the 2000 election. Only $75 and would likely make a cool case mod for a PC via 27B Stroke 6.

6 thoughts on “Votomatic III punch-card machines for sale

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it — up here in canuckistan, we just completed an election. I selected my local candidate of choice by drawing an X in a circle on a piece of paper. Very simple. Why do you south-of-the-49th-ers insist on complication the problem? Sure, you have 10 times as many people as we do, but that also means that you have 10 times the people to count the votes.

    Recycle away your Diebolds and Votomatiics. Get a couple cardboard boxes and a box of #2 pencils. Cut one of the boxes in half to make a voting booth, and use the other to hold the ballots.

  2. AlmostCanuck says:

    I am in Minnesota – almost in CN…. Anyway, I agree that this is made much more complicated than it should be. I am all for fun MAKEr projects to count votes or play with voting machines, but when it comes to counting out our official votes, it should not be as difficult as it seems to be.

    I am a Republican (so start the flaming) and a maker, and what I’d really like to see (for all people involved) is a simple voting method that makes each vote actually count – thus eliminating the goofiness that was the 2000 election. I do realize this is difficult with the number of people voting, but I’d rather spend my tax money on people voting and being counted tha non some of the silliness that we’ve seen lately. Of course we do need to look at objectivity and correctness in our counting, but we can do that and still have a good, fair election. When electronics are in play, too many people can cry foul for various reasons…

    I just hope that MAKErs can come together and create some system that is fair for all and does not result in controversy. I think that’s a while off, but we can all hope and work toward it!!!

  3. Roofus says:

    I <3 Brazil. "Now look wha you dun to em!"

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