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What extensions do you use with your browser?

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What extensions do you use with your browser?

Pt 10254-1

Pt 10255-1

The two images above are my extensions for Firefox and now Safari (which supports extensions + a gallery as of today). I haven’t looked at the browser share for MAKE recently but from what I recall it was a little over 50% Firefox – which browsers are you using, why and what extensions do you use? Post up in the comments!

34 thoughts on “What extensions do you use with your browser?

  1. dubyaohohdee says:

    In order of importance…
    Adblock Plus

  2. killbox says:

    also In order of importance..

    Adblock Plus
    Advanced Dork
    image zoom
    Passive Recon

  3. says:

    I use Chromium (Chrome), because it has the equivalent of CookieSafe, NoScript, GreaseMonkey, Web Developer, bookmark sync and Firebug built in so I don’t have to deal with extension compatibility problems to get all the basic functionality I need.

    So basically just AdBlock.

    That’s why I gave up on Firefox–by the time I added the extensions for all the missing functionality, it was too crashy.

  4. DrSmooth says:

    ad block plus
    lastPass – password holder
    xmarks – sync bookmarks across computers
    zotero – digital library storage
    feed filter – facebook filter
    ie tab plus – when a page doesn’t work in firefox …

  5. KurtWM says:

    There are some extensions that I find very helpful when doing web development:

    Firebug – Without a doubt, one of the most helpful extensions for looking at the inner workings of a web page. You can select elements on a page and see their CSS styles, as well as add or change styles and see the changes in real-time on the screen. You can also pick apart Javascript easily.

    FireFTP – Firefox does not natively support FTP, and this extension fills that need.

    MeasureIt – This extension allows you to measure the height and width of areas on the screen; very helpful when used in conjunction with Firebug.

    ColorZilla – A color picker for the screen. Once you use it to pick a color, you can right-click the ColorZilla icon to copy the color information in a number of formats for use in a variety of applications.

    FireShot – Screen-capture utility. Captures a selectable area or a window and gives you the ability to print, copy to clipboard, edit, etc…

    Developer Tools – This extension is for IE (although I think I have used it in Firefox in the past). It has similar functionality to Firebug. I prefer Firebug, but Developer Tools does do a few things that Firebug does not do as well, such as allow you to add colored outlines to objects on the web page based on their tag or display status. This can be a great help in troubleshooting a layout.

  6. Aud1073cH says:

    I use Firefox 3.6 with:

    Adblock Plus
    NoScript (javascript whitelist)
    Greasemonkey – mostly for Craigslist image preview
    Stylish – combine stop/reload buttons, and youtube style

    I also customized my toolbars to combine the navigation and menu toolbars and removed names in the bookmark toolbar to leave only icons.

  7. Becky Stern says:

    I use Adblock plus with Add Art ( to replace ads with a curated art show. I’m also a fan of this new one, called Google Alarm: It tells you when Google is tracking personal information.

  8. BShocked says:

    adblock plus
    submittotab – submits forms to a new tab, very useful.
    close button – adds close button to the toolbar
    bugmenot – no more need to register for random websites
    web developer

  9. Derek Quenneville says:

    Using Firefox because I can customize it to my liking.

    Adblock Plus
    Image Zoom
    Modify Heaaders

  10. volkemon says:

    I am a IE7 dinosaur…But it has worked OK so far.

    I am willing to switch to firefox, or other advised browser, if there is a way to block the facebook, tweet and other things that have to load every time I go to the main blog page. Going back and forth from the blog, to see the comments, I hear the processor fan spooling up and watch the enless parade of facebook…twitter…adcick..whatevah…
    as I wait for the page to load. I am not dial up, but a cable internet connection.

    Any suggestions? And please,easy with the ‘Evil MS’ comments. :)

  11. tgmake says:

    I use Firefox and the only addons I have are Adblock Plus and Cookie Monster. Adblock is critical to me, I have a slower DSL connection and reducing the amount of unwanted data downloads makes a HUGE difference in my browsing experience. Make: is a pretty media heavy site, so I need all the help I can get.

  12. grilo says:

    I use Chrome(6.0.472.0 dev) and my extension are:

    1-ClickWeather for Chrome
    AutoPager Chrome
    Google Translate
    RSS Subscription Extension (by Google)
    SearchPreview for Google
    Shareaholic for Google Chrome
    Speed Dial
    Wikipedia Companion – Mini Wiki Browser

  13. Apis says:

    Adblock Plus — Ads where yesterday!
    Flashblock — Replaces flash objects with a button you can click to view them.
    Greasemonkey — User script manager.
    HTTPS-Everywhere — Selects encrypted connections when available.
    YesScript — A JavaScript blacklist.
    BarTab — Unloads tabs not in use from memory.
    1-Click YouYube Video Downloader — Provides video download links.
    Adblock, FlashBlock, BarTab, YesScript and the youtube downloader are all to improve performance. Adblock is absolutely necessary or browsing would slow to a crawl. I have a bad habit of keeping tabs open “for later reading”, and unloading them from memory with bartab saves a lot of computer resources. Youtube downloader lets me watch movies with mplayer (the flashplayer for linux is usually sluggish on my netbook).

    Greasemonkey is useful for tweaking webpages that are broken or uses hard to read formatting.

    HTTPS-Everywhere choses an encrypted web connection if possible, to protect my privacy and make it harder for the automatic wiretapping systems out there. It’s from the EFF:

  14. Shadyman says:

    Among others:

    Screengrab: take a screenshot of either the currently displayed portion of a page, or the entire page. Very handy.

    Echofon: For twitter

    TACO (v3 with Albine): For advertising cookie opt-out

    Facebook Toolbar

    Download Statusbar: Shows all your downloads on a bar along the bottom. Very handy.

    Adblock Plus

  15. says:

    My FF’s extensions list:
    Compact Menu 2
    Donwload Manager Tweak
    Organize Status Bar
    Searchbar Autosizer
    Session Manager
    Stop-or-Reload Button
    Tab Mix Plus

  16. Rahere says:

    Firefox. Chrome got me ticked off for forcing its way in uninvited by a company which has still to overcome the suspicion of not being committed to Open Source policies (like charging for Google Earth Pro and not refunding the unused sub when it was cancelled). I date back to the 60s when all computing was Open Source and have a serious dislike of a company which dares check my PC for legal software when they’ve never paid me a penny for the work I did on bitmapped fonts they claim a patent on. Opera is too many things to too many systems to deliver my PC needs.
    Duplicate tabs
    Minimap (I’d love a Google Maps default)
    TiddlySnip (I use TiddlyWiki for data analysis)

  17. Cyrano says:

    Frequently Used
    Adblock Plus
    All-in-one gestures
    Video Download Helper

    Occasionally used
    life-of-request info (Lori)

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