Whatever Happened to the Kano Kit?

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Whatever Happened to the Kano Kit?

The Kano Kit was one of the runaway success stories on Kickstarter last year.

The kit consists of everything you need to turn your Raspberry Pi into a small computer—including the Raspberry Pi. The keyboard is custom designed for the kit with an built-in track pad on the right and can be held, and used, like a gamepad as it has two additional “mouse” buttons on the left. It comes with two books—walking you through not just how to build the computer, but also how to use it—and attempts to take the Raspberry Pi back to its educational roots

With the Kano Kit now available for pre-order for non-backers, we talked again to Alex Klein—one of the co-founders of Kano Computing—about their experience on Kickstarter, and building and designing hardware when you’re not really a hardware company.

Alex Klein talking about the Kano Kit and their Kickstarter campaign.

Toward the end of the interview Alex talked about what’s next for Kano,

…where we want to take you next is back out into the world of the physical, you know, we want to take you back out into the world of lights, servos, sensors and really start delivering on the world of physical computing elements.

So we’ve got a lot of projects in the pipeline now, I would expect to see sort of—or at least have an announcement of—the next Kano before the end of the year, and the next Kano will most likely be an expansion on this that allows you to build a droid, a race car, a tweeting robot, something that activates the physical side in way that so many hackers and hobbyists have already been doing.

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