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And we’re back with our sixth installment of Your Comments. Here are our favorites from the past week, from Make: Online, our Facebook page, and Twitter.


Nate imagines what it would be like if the Star Wars characters were making Death Star cookies:

Hee hee…I’m having all of these wonderful images of Vader, Tarkin, and Palpatine covered in flour, arguing over who gets to ice the spritz cookies. Meanwhile, at the kitchen table, Admiral Motti and High General Tagge are gluing together lightsabers made from toilet paper rolls. Also, Darth is in an apron.

Mightywombat explains how to get pro results with a DIY Vacuum former:

You can get really precisely-spaced, professional-looking “grille” effects by using a piece of perfboard as a guide when drilling. Figure out the size and shape you want ahead of time, position and stick the perfboard on the object to be drilled, then just go to town with your drilling implement of preference.

volkemon has a straightforward response to that continuously debated question, Why is Arduino a hit?:

For me, the Arduino was a choice because of the exposure on MAKE. Once into it, I am amazed at how fast one can progress. In three months, in my ‘spare’ time, I have learned a LOT on Arduino. The shields make (oops…MAKE:)) it easy to learn and build also. They led me to other code, which I cut, pasted, debugged and finally grew to understand what I was workng with. In short, it was the community and ease of initial use.

Over on Facebook, Einherjar Saint Ereo urges us to consider the ethics of Knitted meat:

Think of all the yarn yard animals that suffered for their knitted meat-So CRUEL! In my home, I only serve Cross-Whip Stitched Soy.

Also on Facebook, Richard Siemsen was encouraged by the Teen backyard chemist:

It’s encouraging to see young people passionate in a science to learn the details on their own and experiment by doing and do so in a well conceived manner. Society today seems to frown upon such valuable creative experimentations mostly because people either lack understanding or the passion to self learn and/or are fearful of things deemed unconventional. This kid has a bright future if he stays methodical in procedure.

RocketGuy is looking forward to setting up some DIY server room monitoring:

I’m building a room monitor with arduino/ethernet/serial LCD etc, at work because of the absurd prices of the commercial stuff. Great minds and all that, their parts list is hauntingly familiar. But I was using a arduino prototype board for the connectors and was wondering how I was going to staple it to an equipment rack. (I was leaning towards using an actual pizza box, but that’s been done, so then I was considering duct tape and shapelock…) Dang, that’s nice! I’m probably gonna get the board and chassis, and populate it with the stuff I already have.

Jared P was not impressed with the plight of Pittsburghers who were trying to beat the summer heat:

I was just visiting Pittsburgh this past weekend, and DC, by far, is so much worse. I was outside all day Sunday for the Regatta and didn’t sweat one drop. Consider yourself (somewhat) lucky.

Over on Twitter, Matthew Good sounds like he has a plan:

@make:electronics time while watching @donttrythis. Operation Nerdy Sunday, engage!

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