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Control a Nikon Camera from Your Computer

Control a Nikon Camera from Your Computer


I thought putting my camera on a tripod and using the timed shot was a good trick for gadget close-ups, but this is tons more fun. Nikon’s Camera Control Pro ($79, 30 day trial available) lets you remotely control a compatible camera from your computer. I can’t figure out how to do a preview, but it’s still really helpful; it lets you do a lot more than just trigger the shutter. You have access to most of the configurable features of the camera.

Are there similar tools out there for other cameras? Let us know in the comments.

  • Nikon Camera Control Pro Trial Posted – Link
  • Nikon Updates Camera Control Pro to v1.3.0 – Link


14 thoughts on “Control a Nikon Camera from Your Computer

  1. horn7319 says:

    Cool app. I don’t think you can do a preview with a DSLR since the mirror is in the way before you take the picture.

  2. tms10000 says:

    My Canon EOS350 came with a very similar tool. It lets you pick any in camera settings, do time lapse and tethered shots.

    Unfortunately it is windows only.

  3. cheese1113 says:

    Canon has an incredible tool called “EOS Utility.” It lets you control every setting of the camera. Plus it runs on OS X!

  4. paulsw says:

    Something like this could be used to automate HDR photography.

  5. Bre says:

    Capture is an open source option for some canon models.

  6. karatedog says:

    Well, Nikon software engineers won’t get any award with this software, for example if the camera doesn’t support bracketing, there is still no option to make it happen through the software. On D40 I have to manually fiddle with exposure, and click a button, and there is no option to make a batch job, that will be executed on a single click.

  7. Louise-Paisley says:

    Camera control pro is quite poor.

    As karatedog says it only allows you to use features which are already available on your camera body.

    I assumed it would allow me to do auto bracketing with my D40X and alas this is untrue.

    However, there is an intendant solution being developed as I type, and what’s even better is it does not rely on a PC it will use the nintendo DS.

    This will mean computer control will no longer need a slow to start limited battery power laptop computer, you will have the convenience of instant on nintendo DS, AND you will get features not available on your camera body.

    Currently on the cards is extremely flexible auto bracketing, time lapse photography, timed long exposures, and SOUND ACTIVATED photography!

    The developer is looking at around $100 for the hardware/ software solution which is quite reasonable considering the expected feature list.

    It will be available for both canon and nikon cameras, so no one is going to get left out :)

    if you are interested visit his blog and register your interest, he will update you when further info becomes available

    If you have time also drop by my flickr page and say hello ;)

    Louise – Paisley

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