Control Your Applications With a Wiimote

Control Your Applications With a Wiimote

Chris Brentano sent us a tip for the Wii Loop Machine, a wickedly awesome music loop playing application that uses the Wii Remote as it’s interface. As Chris puts it, “This looks like it could take laptop music battles to another level, or just make people look funny doing it. Either way, it looks super fun.”

There are a couple of libraries available that will allow you to incorporate the Wiimote into your application. The Wii Loop Machine uses the Max/MSP plugin aka.wiiremote. If you’re building some sort of music composing or performance system, it’s worth a look.

Or you can read in the Wii Remote’s raw sensor data and do whatever you like with it in your own applications. For general Wii input in OS X, Windows and Linux, check out the Wii Remote drivers list on the WiiLi Wiki. DarwiinRemote seems to be the predominant driver for OS X and GlovePIE offers similar functionality for Windows . There are a number of drivers for Linux, including a Perl driver!

It’s really impressive, the cool things hackers are putting together with this device. If you’ve got a cool homebrew Wii project you’d like to share, just send us a tip or tell us about it in the comments!

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