Diving Into Arm Development with the New Arm Developer Hub

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Diving Into Arm Development with the New Arm Developer Hub

One of my favourite things about being an Arm Ambassador for the Arm Developer Program – a select group of high-achieving individuals who help form the public face of Arm around the world – is the immediate and convenient access it gives me to all manner of tutorials, code examples, documentation, events, and other resources which make it easier to find the answers I need as a developer. If you don’t have a dedicated field application engineer at your beck and call, finding information that you need during development can often be a real challenge. Either it’s out of date, impossible to locate regardless of what search phrase you try, or consists entirely of a single six-year-old forum post written by newb4242 who was never heard from again and whose expertise you’re not sure that you want to gamble your career on. So I was really excited when I had the chance as an ambassador to get a sneak peek at the new Arm Developer Hub – a site which is now available to Arm Developer Program members – and the wider community of developers looking to get started on Arm!

The Developer Hub surfaces all manner of content from across the Arm developer ecosystem. I was astonished by some of the gems I came across while exploring, from setting up a virtual Raspberry Pi in the cloud in a little over three minutes – perfect for when I was travelling recently – to training a Raspberry Pi Pico to recognize a wake word in just over four. And when you’re ready to go deeper, you’ll find end-to-end tutorials called Learning Paths on everything from creating CI/CD workflows with Arm Virtual Hardware to incorporating assembly language into performance-critical portions of your C code.

And it’s not just static, one-way content on the Hub! Want to share your expertise with others? You can create your own Learning Path by forking the repo (or easier still, using GitPod!) and submitting a pull request exhibiting your brilliance. Can’t find the topic you need? You can even request a Learning Path and get help from other community members with expertise in that area. And there are handy links to the Arm community forums and Discord server where you can interact and get even more assistance!

So next time you need help getting started, or want to dive into a new area of the Arm ecosystem, be sure to swing by the Developer Hub. That’s what I did just now. And now I’m engrossed in a blog post by Sandeep Mistry about getting started with Matter for home automation using Arm Virtual Hardware, so I guess head to https://www.arm.com/developer-hub while we both wait for someone else to finish this blog po…

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