DIY espresso machine



Seeking the perfect espresso, Home-Barista user matadero210 decided to take matters into his own hands and craft a custom espresso machine from scratch.

The Pavoni is not really up to the rigors of 9 bar. It flexes and tries to move. A second hand is nearly always used to hold the machine in place. This design seeks to allow 1-handed operation.

The design itself: take a Pavoni head, build an adaptor to connect to normal plumbing. Add a machined plate with water inlet (this is a plumb-in system), thermometer, and heater. Mount all in a brazed steel base.

I’m pretty impressed. The final design allows the barista to pull a 10bar shot with a single hand.

Robo-Pavoni – Espresso Machine From Scratch [via MAKE]

0 thoughts on “DIY espresso machine

  1. tsteele999 says:

    Well I tried it out this morning and it works.

    Some notes though to anyone thinking of trying it out:

    I used a cheapo 2g thumb drive, it worked fine.

    You have to have a Mac to load the program onto the USB drive.

    If you don’t already have a Boxee account, the message they sent me when I tried to sign up was that they are only creating new accounts on Mondays so I have to wait a week before I can try out the Boxee content.

    The update process was a little confusing. I did the first one and then went on to try XMBC, it errored out saying it couldn’t connect. Turns out there were more updates to do, and after completion XMBC worked fine.

    Until we get a HD TV, we are using a regular old standard def TV. Apple TV displays fine but XMBC windows are displaying too wide and runs offscreen. There is probably a setting to fix it but it was hard to navigate with the apple remote.

    XMBC didn’t automatically find any of my stored content. I will be playing around with it to see how to make it available.

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