DIY hallucinogenic goggles

DIY hallucinogenic goggles

Has going back to school got you stressed out? If so, check out how to make some DIY hallucinogenic goggles. Trippy!

This post will describe how to construct a pair of goggles which can be used to induce geometric visual hallucinations via strobe light patterns. This tutorial should be accessible to anyone familiar with Arduino hacking, and I do not go into details of the electronics design. The effects are quite remarkable, and enjoyed by many.

In the Maker Shed:

maggie_bw341 copy.JPG 2.jpeg

In the Maker Shed: Brain Machine Kit (pictured above is a modified kit, more info here…not meant for dogs!)

2 thoughts on “DIY hallucinogenic goggles

  1. Kyle McDonald says:

    I ran into these guys at a pub near Carnegie Mellon. It works way better than I ever would have expected. From the descriptions I’ve read of other LED-based goggles, I’m not sure if these operate on the same principle.

    He’s also been collecting and categorizing the effect of various strobe patterns. Really neat.

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