DIY Slingbox



Using a standard DV cam, a Mac Mini, and the Quicktime Broadcaster utility, you can roll your own Slingbox-style TV streamer on the cheap. David Glover, realizing that his DV camera had an analog input and firewire output, put together a howto for doing just this:

Yesterday from a dusty shelf I discovered my Sony DV camera. And after playing with it for a while I discovered (or possibly re-discovered, as I might have just forgotten) that it has analogue video inputs that it will digitise and then spit out of the DV port.

So this gave me an idea – this is essentially what the Slingbox does, except the Slingbox outputs a network stream rather than DV video. But I have a Mac Mini sitting underneath my TV downstairs, and that has a DV port on it…

This is really handy if you want to catch a show on your computer while you are working from another room. Assuming you also have a DV camera and a spare Mac you can connect to your TV, it’s also essentially free.

DIY Slingbox
QuickTime Broadcaster – Apple’s free video transcoder and streaming utility

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