Doubleplus clever dentist office flyer

Doubleplus clever dentist office flyer

Have I ever mentioned how much I love it when people post awesome stuff to the web with no background information? Like, just a picture with no annoying words about who took it or where or when? Yeah, that’s my favorite, as it enables me to commit timeless acts of journalism like this: “Somebody, somewhere, made this brilliant tearaway-teeth flyer for some lucky dentist, somewhere, and then somebody else from somewhere took a picture of it. You know, sometime.” [via Somebody-or-other]

Update: A very helpful commenter pointed me at this page which identifies the lucky dentist in question as Dr. John Mullaly of Muskegon, Michigan, and the doubleplus clever advertising agency as Cramer-Krasselt, USA. [Thanks, David Beckford!]

10 thoughts on “Doubleplus clever dentist office flyer

  1. jeff-o says:

    I suppose if you *really* wanted to know, you could call the dentist and find out who made those flyers. Or is his phone number not discernible in the picture?

    1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

      Couldn’t find a big enough image for the phone number to be readable. =[ Otherwise that’s exactly what I would’ve done.

      1. David "Conglacio" Beckford says:

        Thanks to Tiny Eye, I found this larger version which is readable.

        1. Sean Michael Ragan says:

          Awesome, thanks very much. Updated!

  2. John Park says:

    Sean, that timeless act of journalism cracked me up.

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