Make Dragon’s Lair-style games on YouTube


A Car's Life

Philipp Lenssen, author of Google Apps Hacks mentioned a really cool YouTube hack on Google Blogoscoped:

A Car’s Life is an interactive Arcade-style game using YouTube. To make it through a given level, all you need to do is click a button which appears. The video makes use of YouTube annotations, which can be linked to other YouTube videos. It’s a bit like the 1980s Dragon’s Lair in some respects: it has animations and somewhat stretches the limits of its medium, but it also has rather low playability. Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games – perhaps like Tube Adventures – might be more interesting in YouTube (anyone wants to write a YouTube-API-based video adventure export functionality for QML, the XML-based CYOA language?)

A Car’s Life

0 thoughts on “Make Dragon’s Lair-style games on YouTube

  1. Morty says:

    Copying flash to flash? Why not set up a network repository, PXE boot, and use something like PING (partimage is not ghost) to image the devices?

    1. Left-O-Matic says:

      At the time my team was planning with an RIS setup, but due to the extra time required to do security scans, and fixes on each machine, we found this to be more time effecient.

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