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Last year, a laptop meltdown resulted in the source code for the drawbot disappearing. Adam recently took the time to rebuild a bunch of it. Now you can download it and check it out! – Link

Even more code. Here are the programs that make it work! Drop your bmp into the launchdrawbot program and you’re good to go. Adjust the parameters in drawbotmaker.py as image settings – Link

10 thoughts on “Drawbot Source Code

  1. AP says:

    Thanks guys!

  2. eklektek says:

    This appears to be just the source code for the controller (although I’m not sure since there isn’t any README or code comments). I’m interested in the code to take the initial input photos and make a line drawing. If this is in the code, could someone point me to it. If it’s not, is it available elsewhere? (I searched the old drawbot posts but couldn’t find any details on the conversion code.)


  3. Bre says:

    Added another link for you ekletek!

  4. eklektek says:

    Much obliged.

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