ECE576 Final projects

ECE576 Final projects

Bruce Land wrote in to share this year’s round of FPGA-based projects created by students in Cornell’s ECE576 class, and the results are just as impressive as last year. Here are some of my favorites:

Sean Chen and Yunchi Luo built a 3D pong game, which uses a video camera to detect the location of a players paddle. The game can either be played in video-conferencing like two player mode, or in single player mode against the computer.

Jeff Yates, Tom Gowing, and Kerran Flanagan designed a real-time cartoonifier system that turns real-time video into a cartoon version of itself. They used contour detection and intensity binning to reduce the colors in a video, and add cartoon-like outlines to everything.

Skyler Schneider built a falling sand game, that uses particle simulation to model streams of sand, water, oil and salt in a realistic way.


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