Electronic prototypes

Electronic prototypes

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TeleChrome writes in with a Flickized iron transfer how-to on making your own PCBs –

How to make professional-quality printed circuit boards right in your kitchen sink: This remarkable technique uses an ordinary laser printer to transfer a toner resist mask onto a piece of plain copper clad.

Electronic prototypes – Link.

6 thoughts on “Electronic prototypes

  1. ubi-randomtype says:

    this is a quite simple layout with fat traces. it’s not hard to obtain excellent results with this technique in this case.
    I’ve managed (through a lot of patience) to get very thin traces with toner transfer, but it’s a tedious process.
    I just took the challenge, and a week later I built my own exposure box.

    photoset with toner transfer etchings

    photoset of my UV exp box

    some pics of results obtained using UV exp box

    if you need precision (and speed), use UV

  2. svofski says:

    I fully support the previous poster. UV is the only way to do anything decent.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The “kitchen sink” description might be a little misleading. Isn’t it a bad idea to dump etchant and paint stripper down the drain?

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