Fire and robots



Fire and robots. Robot love. Burnination. I came across a couple of pyro-robot soulmates today.

Flameosapien is our familiar buddy, slightly modified with a remote operated flamethrower. The Robosapien V2’s remote was modified with an additional 4 channer transmitter. Gas flow is adjusted by a small servo and ignited with a BBQ lighter.

His more autonomous counterpart is a Wiimote controlled robotic firefighter. The Wiimote’s IR sensor is used for detecting a fire source (such as a candle) and it relays commands between an arduino board and a nearby computer. It’s a pretty simple set-up: the robot turns toward the flame, spins a fan, and drives toward the fire. Crude, maybe, but I dig how the Wiimote is being used as a communication channel for the arduino. This might be a simple way of adding bluetooth capability to your own robot project.

Flameosapien – [via] Link
Wiimote Controlled Firefighting Robot – Link

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