Flash bridge for Facebook Connect

Flash bridge for Facebook Connect

Pieter Michels wrote a nice actionscript/javascript bridge that allows you to use Facebook Connect services within a Flash application:

It currently supports automatic login, retrieving friend list and friend information (can take a while), current application users, sharing a link on Facebook, posting a predefined story and updating your story (make sure you set the status permissions first).

I have deliberately chosen to fully implement the results in Flash rather than merely providing a wrapper for the Javascript calls and dealing with the result in Flash itself. At the moment I’m of course limited to the things I program in Flash (the calls and the results).

But as we have to deal with automatic login and javascript popups, this way was easier to integrate in a Flash website and, moreover, the Javascript library is built with a HTML website in mind. So, it allows you to use the same library in your average website and listen to any event that passes along (login, disconnects, friends, a status that has been set, …)

The code is all available on Github. It should be enough to get your started and if you need access to additional Facebook APIs, you can always incorporate them as needed.

Facebook Connect to Actionscript 3
Example Facebook Connect Flash App (pictured above)
FBFlashBridge at Github

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