Flashing LED Bra

Flashing LED Bra


Need something to do with all those LEDs that you were going to make into cartoon characters and place all around Boston?

The folks at enlightened have launched the ‘nerve’ bra that has 31 flashing LEDs in it and multiple flashing patterns.

While silicone is usually found inside a bra, we’ve used silicone on the outside as a means of sculpting the light into organic shapes with an underlying geometric pattern. This bra has a lot of LEDs (31 per side), in a full rainbow of colors, with eight different flashing patterns that can be selected by the wearer. The base bra in this example is a nude seamless type, encouraging the illusion that the skin is exposed and the light is coming from within the body. Link

20 thoughts on “Flashing LED Bra

  1. howajo says:


    I for one welcome our jiggly flashy hypnotic overlords…

  2. charliex says:

    it’ll be a lot easier to pick up the whores on dark streets now! thanks!

  3. charliex says:

    it’ll be a lot easier to pick up the whores on dark streets now! thanks!

  4. Prussian7 says:

    I can see the headline now

    Boston Woman Arrested for Dressing as Suicide Bomber News at 11!

    as Boston police crack down on unrecognizable flashing lights. Three women were arrested this week under the patriot hoax act.

  5. MrSimons says:

    I think its nicer without the bra (no offense :).

  6. volkemon says:

    I too welcome our jiggly flashy hypnotic overlords.

    ( not many things get a LOL from me, but this post…)

    funny howajo!

  7. fheald says:

    The woman who creates these is a friend of mine. She’s a Maker of the first degree – a wizard with a chip and soldering iron. Not only does she have an led-related patent, but she looks hot modeling her own gear! She’s also been known to host Make-worthy parties where everyone got to create and build their own LED or EL-wire enabled clothing. She rocks the most.

  8. DGary says:

    damnit, my girlfriend saw the article and now I’m soldering handfuls of LEDs together… THANKS MAKE, ya bastards!

  9. Darkcobra says:

    Is this some cruel joke? Men get in trouble enough for staring at women’s breasts without them *FLASHING*.

  10. RTourn says:

    Women who have flashing glowing underwear is intriguing and cool, but men with flashing glowing underwear… not someone I would hang out with.

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