Flickr Clock

Flickr Clock

The folks over at Stamen Design released another slick visualization tool earlier this month, this one for showing video posts on Flickr:

It’s a browser for the videos that people have recently started uploading to the site. They’re arranged chronologically, and drawn from videos that people have posted to the flickrclock group on flickr.

The pool is quickly filling up with the usual Flickr brilliance: shadows, windmills, kangaroos, an almost casual “look at all this great stuff we have” that this community excels at providing. It will eventually autoplay, so you can sit back and let the user-generated goodness just wash on over you; sort of like Neave Television without all the wierd cat stuff.

If you want to add a video to the clock, just tag it with the hour of day it was recorded and post it to the Flickr Clock group. The format for the machine tag is time:hour=11PM (replace 11PM with the desired time).

Flickr Clock
Flickr Clock Info at Stamen Design

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