Foot-operated elevator button

Foot-operated elevator button

I’ve wanted a door “knob” that worked like this for years. Would’ve been especially nice in some of the large chemistry and biochemistry labs I’ve worked in, where the “gloves on or off” protocols for opening doors between rooms were not always clearly established and/or followed. [via Gizmodo]


4 thoughts on “Foot-operated elevator button

  1. cyberpigue says:

    Hey! This looks a lot like the foot pedal that opens the door on my 1927 General Electric refrigerator! The original ads said it was to open the door when you came in from the hen-house with a basket full of eggs. It got the nick-name of knee buster since if you stepped on the pedal hard enough, the door flung open into your knee!

  2. Emilio says:

    The library nearest where I live also has these. I’m pretty sure they were installed when it was renovated about 10 years ago.
    The enthusiastic demo video is entertaining though.

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