Foreword to Wireless Hacks, Second Edition


More than just a foreword to Wireless Hacks, Second Edition (by Rob Flickenger and Roger Weeks) Glenn Fleishman’s praise of the book reads like paean to the maker/hacker spirit in general:

Wireless Hacks feels more like a device constructed by the love child of The Professor from Gilligan’s Island and Mr. Spock: it beeps, it twitters, there are coconut shreds, and then, surprisingly, it produces a glass of tea out of thin air or transports several people to geosynchronous orbit. … Wireless Hacks isn’t about breaking technology to serve your needs. Rather, it’s about bending it. So much of today’s wireless networking hardware, software, and firmware has been carefully tailored to suit what the manufacturer or service provider feels you are entitled to do with it. But we own the tech and, for unlicensed networks, we own the airwaves. Wireless Hacks stands up, raises its hand, and says, “Excuse me, I don’t buy into your world view.”

Fleishman concludes that the book “could as easily been titled It’s My Equipment, Dammit,” which we like to think is true of all Hacks books and every issue of MAKE.