ECE576 Final projects

ECE576 Final projects

Each year, students in Cornell’s ECE 5760 class are tasked to build something with an FPGA, and they always produce some cool projects. This year’s projects are no different. Here are some of my favorites:

Chuck Yang and Jasper Schneider built a Face tracking + Perspective projection. Their system implements a face detection algorithm to determine the position and orientation of a user, and uses this information to change the perspective of a 3d display.


Chris McNally and Joe Kerekes designed the velocity-sensitive KSD Piano, which uses the Karplus Strong model to generate piano tones. They don’t appear to have an embeddable video of the project, however you can download one here.


James Du and Peter Greczner designed a video production system with green-screen capability. It uses the chroma key technique to replace the background of a video with a different one.

Check out the course website for the rest of the projects. Great show!


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