Games Developed in Excel

Games Developed in Excel

Mark Danburg-Wyld sent a link to a site devoted to games developed entirely in Excel.

Are you limited in what games your company’s IT/IS department will leave installed on your work machine? Well, it seems very unlikely they will take Excel away from you. And Excel, among other things, is an interesting development platform for some fairly amusing programs.

So, enter Excel Games — the site for games and play inside a program they’ll never uninstall. Try them out, and you will find that the Excel version is often as good as any stand alone application!

There are really two hacks here: 1) The Excel/VB engine is completely subverted into a platform for game development and 2) since Excel is an essential business tool, identifying it as a game engine ensures that cubicle occupants everywhere can get their fix, despite the most heinous of firewall and software installation restrictions.

Excel Games – non-productive use of essential software! –Link