Get a Google Search SOAP API Key

Get a Google Search SOAP API Key

On the O’Reilly Radar, Brady reports that Google has deprecated their Search SOAP API, will no longer be issuing keys, and has removed the SDK from their site.

But Google Hacks, 3E, author Paul Bausch found a hack in the forums to get yourself the API key Google’s just discontinued. If you have a Google account, go here. The page will error out, but you’ll get a key via email. (If you don’t have an account, get one here.) I just tried it myself, and it worked for me.

I’m sure this will be plugged soon, so if you want one of the last remaining and soon-to-be highly coveted API Keys, get it while you can.


28 thoughts on “Get a Google Search SOAP API Key

  1. andif says:

    I need to add my Mac to a network with a Windows-only printer, and this should help!

  2. jason_striegel says:

    Yeah, you should be able to add your windows network or ip/lpd printer in the printer preferences panel, and then choose the correct gutenprint driver before saving.

    In my case, I have the printer connected directly to my iMac, and then I have sharing enabled for it so that I can print from my iBook over wifi. So you can network and print to a windows-only device without needing a single windows machine!

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