Gethuman: quickly bypass automated customer service

Gethuman: quickly bypass automated customer service


Here’s a good idea. Gethuman is a huge database of customer service numbers and the touch-tone combinations that will get you speaking with a real human being. Not only is it quicker than trying to dig up customer service contact information, it helps you avoid that belabored trip through voice prompt hell.

The Gethuman team also created a standard for ranking corporations from A-F. Grades are based on users’ wait time experiences, the complexity of the menu system, density of inane “your call is important to us” messages, and level of patronization in the system’s prompts. Curious who made the grade? Hertz, Commerce Bank, Dillard’s, Lands End, LL Bean, Comfort Inn, Days Inn, Hyatt, and Walt Disney World all skip the annoyances and connect you immediately with a real person. Thanks guys.

The Gethuman Customer Service Database – Link

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