Google Maps Traffic Status

Google Maps Traffic Status

Google Maps has added traffic information for more than 30 U.S. cities.

If available in your area, real-time traffic conditions will be displayed over the highway as color coded lines. Each color represents how fast the traffic is moving:

  • Green: more than 50 miles per hour
  • Yellow: 25 – 50 miles per hour
  • Red: less than 25 miles per hour
  • Gray: no data currently available

Now if we can just find a way to scrape that information and automate a traffic status feed for a specified route. Any ideas? Please share ’em in the comments. [via] – Link


2 thoughts on “Google Maps Traffic Status

  1. ajturner says:

    Yahoo already offers traffic data via their API and RSS feeds.

    It just gives severity, though not ‘speeds’. And there are numerous other traffic sites out there that do nice mapping.

    While the Google overlay of traffic is nice, it is by no means new or revolutionary.

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