Hack your cooler: Air chillers

Hack your cooler: Air chillers

Sitting here in our un-airconditioned hackerspace after a long bike ride has got me thinking about how to cool off, and what better way than to make your own air chiller? It turns out there are a number of different ways that makers have figured out how to do this. I wish I had one of these here with me now!


Pete H. made this cool-looking device that uses cool water pumped through copper tubing to chill the air being blown by a fan.


And here’s a more advanced, radiator-based design that should be more efficient than the copper tube version above.


Finally, here’s an Instructable about how to make a battery-powered version for when you are on the go.

Any other ideas about making a portable air chiller using a cooler? How about a portable swamp cooler that has an icy reservoir of liquid to keep you cool? A portable mister that uses gravity or compressed air to keep an area cool? An astronaut helmet that keeps your head in a cool bubble? Share your ideas in the Comments.

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