Hacking a Tassimo coffee machine

Hacking a Tassimo coffee machine

Chris Chapman writes:

I’ve been working on reverse-engineering the Braun Tassimo T1200/T1400 hot beverage system from its barcoded T-DISC brewing pods.

The barcodes are used to “program” the machine to make a particular beverage using a specific amount of water at a particular temperature and for a certain duration of time. My efforts have been directed at discovering a “map” between the barcodes and how the machine controls its brewing processes.

Hacking the Tassimo single-serve coffee machine – Link

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We have a caffeinated collection of coffee related projects from the pages of MAKE in PDF form, if you have every MAKE you likely don’t need this, but if you don’t – we’ve collected 5 great projects and have them available for $4.99 (if you’re a Tips-N-Tools newsletter subscriber there’s a discount code coming for that so hang tight)…

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I’m going to have a post about each project, today’s is: Bottomless Espresso Portafilter. Mod your espresso maker’s filter holder for a tastier cup.

DIY Coffee collects five hot MAKE magazine projects to supercharge your java:

  • Home-Build Coffee Roaster
  • Bottomless Espresso Portafilter
  • Toaster Tea Popper
  • Perfect Espresso Temperature Hack
  • Web-Fired Coffee with X10 Automation

Got a jones for caffeine and technology? Mod your espresso machine to dial in the perfect shot, with precise temperature control and a filter hack that kicks out maximum tasty crema. Roast your own with a hand-built custom coffee roaster. Hack a toaster timer to perfect-brew your tea every time. And fire up your coffee pot from the internet using X10 automation. Using home-grown techniques and off-the-shelf parts, caffeine junkies will find everything they need to overclock the fix from their favorite shade-grown beverage.

DIY Coffee – a MAKE PDF – Link.

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  1. Best Coffee Machine says:

    Awesome discovery. I’m just amaze to know that even coffee machine is safe for hackers. This simply means that the aroma of coffee is irresistible.

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