Hacking Hackszine: GreaseMonkey category viewer

Hacking Hackszine: GreaseMonkey category viewer


Rich Burridge writes:

This is a GreaseMonkey script that works with your
website. If enabled, it will replace the contents of
your main page with a list of categories and under
each category heading, will be a list of all your
posts to that category.

Very handy to see everything you’ve created in
the past, if you aren’t exactly sure what you are
looking for.

Note that this is doing the equivalent of loading
over 120 more web pages, so be patient with it. It
takes a while to build up the new web page.

This script basically takes a deep crawl through every category on Hackszine and returns the titles. I just ran it and, wow, I didn’t realize how much hack info we’ve managed to collect here in the past year. What’s cool (and a bit embarrassing), is that I can pretty quickly see what topics I’ve fawned over a little too much (Mac, iPhone) and categories that are in need of a little more attention (AJAX, Astronomy, Transportation, Science, Energy, World, Wireless). If you have any great hacks for the latter group, please send them in immediately before I get accused of turning this into an Apple blog.

If you maintain a blog, you should take a crack at adapting this script to your own site. It might be a helpful tool for looking back over your post history or even generating a quick category-based sitemap that you can save as a static html file.

GreaseMonkey Script For Expanding All Hackszine Categories – Link [Thanks, Rich]

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