Home lighting automation with DMX

Home lighting automation with DMX

This home automator used DMX (the popular theater lighting protocol) to automate all of the lights in his home.

Automated Lighting – [via] Link


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4 thoughts on “Home lighting automation with DMX

  1. Michael says:

    I was thinking of using X10 to automate lighting in my home. I’m new to the idea and X10 was the first option I found. Pros are that its cheap and easy to setup. It uses your existing power lines to communicate to the nodes. Cons are that its slower than other alternatives, and its prone to false events.

  2. Joe Zimmerman says:

    You should really check out other solutions before you dive into an X10 solution. X10 if done right can work almost 100%, but if you set it up and don’t track down the bugs it’ll just make your wife/girlfriend/etc mad as heck when it doesn’t work right.

    There are a ton of other solutions that work better than x10 that are way easier than the DMX this guy used. Have a look at the homeseer forums, or http://www.cocoontech.com/

    zwave, insteon, upb, x10 etc..

    I use a mix of x10 (not x10 brand, but x10 made by smarthome) and zwave. I have very little complaints.

    The quality of the smarthome switches have always been a factor in my house, add some cheap’o x10 brand light switches and you’ll regret it.

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