Homebrew analog TV

Homebrew analog TV

Japanese Maker Satoshi Shibuichi built this impressive looking analog television set (translation), which uses vacuum tubes to display video on a tiny CRT monitor. Schematics and photos of the build are available at the website, however if you’re thinking of building one, you should act fast. As Takumi Funada points out in the original article, analog television broadcasting in Japan is scheduled to end in July. [via Make: Japan]

10 thoughts on “Homebrew analog TV

  1. Daniel Nelms says:

    Wow, awesome homebrew set

  2. Tim Harris says:

    “analog television broadcasting in Japan is scheduled to end in July.”

    If you were planning on building this, you would not be using this as an actual tv watching tube. Just hook up any game console that isn’t a ps3/x360 and you will be fine. Or any computer via vga.

    Very cool though. I always wanted to make my own crt.

    1. Drew Gehringer says:

      actually, hooking it up to a modern console would be just fine, as long as you use Composite or Component cables to hook it up, rather then HDMI or VGA or any other digital video hookup

  3. Stephen McGreal says:

    “analog television broadcasting in Japan is scheduled to end in July.”

    I’m no expert on TVs, but I would have thought that the mechanism for receiving TV signals is not inherently tied to the mechanism for displaying them – old CRT monitors and TVs still happily take digital inputs from computers and consoles, so presumably there would be a way to make a Digital->Analogue converter for TV signals that could be added to a project like this?

    I want homebrew DACs for TVs to be possible, because I want to see more projects like this. It’s brilliant.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Looks really impressive, just a shame he wont have much longer left to show it off working

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