How-To: Cheap standoffs from nylon tubing

How-To: Cheap standoffs from nylon tubing


CuriousInventor points out this head-slappingly simple substitute for standoffs – likely of interest to anyone whose marvelled at how much these bits of hardware can actually cost –

Tan Tran came up with a cheap substitute for aluminum standoffs: nylon tubing. Polyethylene does a decent job too, and can be had for under $.10 a foot at your local hardware store. The 1/4″ OD (outside diameter) stuff shown in these pics accommodates up to #8 size screws.

6 thoughts on “How-To: Cheap standoffs from nylon tubing

  1. Anonymous says:

    Been doing this for years.

    I found some tubing that is rather stiff on surplus. The stiffness makes it better if you apply a lot of force when screwing. (Oh, ha ha.) One funny surprise it that the surplus tubing I found glows in the dark.

  2. RK says:

    I have used the body of disposable pens for the same purpose. Just cut what you need.

  3. signal7 says:

    I did this years ago. The only hard thing is getting the tubing cut to a consistent length, which is a lot harder than it would seem.

    A proper jig for turning out many identical lengths would be much better than trying to do this by hand.

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