HOW TO – Drive a VGA display with A Cypress PSoC

HOW TO – Drive a VGA display with A Cypress PSoC

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Mac started using the Cypress Programmable System-on-Chip as a robotics platform – In order to get acquainted with the micro he decided to explore some of its non-robotic capabilities –

This project describes how to use a Cypress CY8C29466 Programmable
System-on-Chip (PSoC) to drive a standard VGA display. Minimal
external components are required to accomplish this feat. Horizontal
and vertical sync pulse generation, video blank timing, pixel
serialization, and the generation of three-bit foreground and
background colors are implemented via ten PSoC digital blocks.
External communications are accomplished through two PSoC UART
blocks. The driver is realized in a PSoC Designer 4.4 project, which
can be downloaded, along with a PDF version of the project document,
on this web page:

Driving A VGA Display With A Cypress PSoC

In the Maker Shed:
“Critter & Guitari” Cellular Automata Video Synthesizer Kit

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