HOW TO – Stealth DDR pad

HOW TO – Stealth DDR pad

Erik writes – “Looking for a way to play DDR on your own computer? This DIY pad is cheap, interfaces with your computer and invisible so it doesn’t annoy you with those flashy colors when you don’t use it.”Link.

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  1. benjiwenjifoofoo says:

    where can i get the lamp kit? is there even a kit around?

  2. Oracle1729 says:

    How does the POV draw the pattern in both directions? It needs to have the 2 patterns overlap properly but how can it tell when it’s back to where it stopped the previous time? If it started a fixed time after each direction change the 2 directions wouldn’t overlap unless the user switched directions at exactly the right time.

  3. joesmooth says:

    I used a mercury switch on the POV watch to act as a rough direction sensor. The switch was angled just right so when your arm swings forward, it’s on, and when your arm swings backwards, it’s off. Other than that, it assumes the motion of the user’s arm is consistent.


  4. joesmooth says:

    There is no kit available for the lamp. But, if there is enough interest, maybe there will be :)


  5. benjiwenjifoofoo says:

    well… do you think you could post a schematic and a parts list?

  6. Oracle1729 says:

    Joe, I understand that part. What’s unclear is the synch between the back and forth motion.

    For example, assume the pattern takes 0.5 seconds to draw and the physical arc takes 1.2 seconds. If it starts drwawing forwards 0.1 seconds into the swing, it will have to draw backwards 0.6 seconds in.

    But…if the person changes their motion so it takes 1.5 seconds, the backwards drawing will have to be 0.9 seconds in.

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