HOWTO – Build a Firefox extension

HOWTO – Build a Firefox extension


Gina at Lifehacker posted a really nice rundown of what goes into making a Firefox extension:

The meat of a Firefox extension is simply Javascript – the not-very-mysterious stuff of bookmarklets and regular old web pages – and a markup language called XUL (pronounced “zool.”) To build your own, you’ll need some Javascript know-how, comfort editing XML files, and a healthy curiosity about bending your favorite web browser to your will.

Check it out, then make something awesome and tell us about it in the comments.

How to build a Firefox extension (Gina@Lifehacker)- Link
How to create Firefox extensions (Eric Hamiter) – Link
The Official Building an Extension Guide – Link

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  1. Shakakai says:

    You can also use the Flex-Ajax Bridge to pass data from Javascript to Actionscript using Flash’s ExternalInterface Class.

    Here’s the link to the docs.


  2. Shakakai says:

    Whoops. Didn’t realize the Wii only has Flash 7. I guess that tell you how long they had it in development.

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