Hypermiling: Hack Your Mileage

Hypermiling: Hack Your Mileage

There’s a great article at Mother Jones which profiles Wayne Gerdes, a mileage hacker who’s able to get 59MPG in a stock Honda Accord. There are a number of driving hacks which allow hypermilers to increase their milage, ranging from over-inflating tires to extreme drafting behind large vehicles. It’s incredible, really, to think that by changing your driving habits, you can get better mileage in a standard car than is typically advertised for a hybrid!


  • Milage hacker Wayne Gerdes: 59MPG in an Accord – [via] Link.
  • Hypermiler tips on Wikicars –Link.

4 thoughts on “Hypermiling: Hack Your Mileage

  1. ean117 says:

    Sling-shotting is another one (I made that up, not sure if it’s a technical term). You shift into neutral and coast down long highway hills and get back in gear when you start to lose momentum and fall below a reasonable speed. You just need to be fast enough on the clutch and shifting back into gear if you need to make a manoeuver. I practiced these and other ways of increasing mileage when I drove a Honda Insight (2001-2004). Sadly, I had to sell the Insight and now do mostly city driving, in which most of these hacks don’t make a noticeable difference. I increase my mpg by walking and cycling as much as possible.

  2. pra@break-step.com says:

    For goodness sake, don’t overinflate your tyres


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