Improving breadboard layout through practice

Improving breadboard layout through practice

Spotted in the MAKE Flickr pool:

Flickr user mrbbking is learning electronics by working his way through various electronics books, which is a great idea. The picture above shows two of his attempts to build an identical circuit. Both versions work, however he was unsatisfied with the way his first attempt looked (right side), so he re-arranged the parts to construct a much neater version (left side):

Two copies of the same circuit. The one on the right was done first, and is a pretty good rat’s nest, if I do say so myself. The one on the left was built based on the other one, but with an eye toward clarity. Much easier to see what’s going on! I guess that figuring out the layout based on a schematic is a skill that needs practice.

Learning to lay out circuits well is a skill that takes a bit of practice, and it is neat to actually see the results that you can achieve.

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