In the Maker Shed: TouchShield Stealth on sale now!

In the Maker Shed: TouchShield Stealth on sale now!

Add touch-screen control to your Arduino project! The TouchShield Stealth from the Maker Shed is an Arduino-ready 128×128 pixel OLED screen on a PCB shield that brings advanced I/O capabilities to the Arduino platform. This is the new Stealth Edition, which has an all-blacked out board that looks pretty slick on top of the dark blue Arduino. It’s also higher quality, machine soldered and assembled, with a few internal trace re-routes to make it lighter, faster, and power-redundant. Compiling and uploading applications to the TouchShield is done through a one-click button in the Arduino Environment, making it easy to write awesome applications.

Get the TouchShield Stealth ON SALE NOW in the Maker Shed

In the Maker Shed:
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Make: Arduino

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