In the Maker Shed: Truth Wristband Kit

In the Maker Shed: Truth Wristband Kit

We just added the Truth Wristband Kit to the Maker Shed. It’s an awesome DIY kit that includes all the parts you need including an etched PCB, a finger strap with silver plates, Velcro wristband, TRUTH faceplate and more! This is a really cool kit that is a lot of fun to make. Check out the link for more information and a video.

A wearable device that dynamically reflects your psycho-emotional response to the world, promoting internal states to be externalized and made into interactive forms of expression. Measuring the galvanic skin response (a marker of emotional arousal commonly used in lie detector tests), this device’s lights turn from blue to red as the wearer becomes aroused. Ask the wearer an evocative question and reveal his or her inner Truth.

More about the Truth Wristband Kit

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