In the Maker Shed: Wee Blinky kit

In the Maker Shed: Wee Blinky kit

The Wee Blinky kit from the Maker Shed is an easy-to-solder two (2) LED blinker circuit. It comes with a 9V battery snap, but will work with almost any voltage from 3V to 12V. A 9V battery is required but not included. It’s tiny, it blinks, and it’s a great kit to hone your soldering skills since it’s cheap too!

4 thoughts on “In the Maker Shed: Wee Blinky kit

  1. StefanJ says:

    This was the third kit I built, after the two “learn to solder” exercise boards.

    It’s a fast and simple build.

    I talked with the designer at Maker Faire. The LEDs don’t have to be mounted to the board, if you have a notion to use the board to light up a model. 4″ – 6″ leads are acceptable.

  2. craig says:

    This is the same layout as the red/blue blinkey that we R2 Builders use for R2’s eye. By installing one side’s capacitor of a bigger size/mF rating you get that long duration on the blue and short duration on the red. Dual or trio LEDs on the 2 colors, light dispersal on frosted lenses look screen accurate except the New Hope unit that had a red/blue colorwheel flopping back & forth.

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