InPulse Hackable Wristwatch SDK Available


Eric Migicovsky from inPulse wrote in to let us know that they’ve released an SDK for their hackable wristwatch, which features an OLED screen, Bluetooth, and one button. It’s programmable, so you can write your own Bluetooth-enabled apps that run on it:

We’ve created a number of sample apps to get your started, including source code, tutorials and binaries to load on your watch.

Ping Stat: This app displays a clock and the contents of a pulse protocol notification. This app comes with a host-side python app that pings a given domain and sends the ping information to the watch once a minute.

Psychedelic Clock: This app prints the current time over a dynamic pulsating psychedelic background. The button is used to toggle between normal and sleep modes. It is crazy cool.

Analog Clock: This app will show an analog clock screen. We’ve written simple python tools to allow you to quickly and easily create your very own watch face! All you need is a background image, and two watchhand images. Our script will do the rest, or you can modify the (open-source) scripts to design your own watch style.

We even got the superhacker Rossum to create a few demo apps to show off the capabilities of the platform. He ported his Doomed game and his graphical demo Lattice to the watch.

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