Intelligent Snooze Button Agent

Intelligent Snooze Button Agent

Have you ever gotten to work early due to light traffic and wished you’d slept in a bit later? Or maybe you’ve left on time, but arrived late because of a traffic jam? Greg McCarroll is working on the second iteration of a wired alarm clock that adjusts your wake-up time depending on traffic conditions.

Greg writes,

The original idea was simply to take the data I could access via the live departure boards feature of our railway network’s website, which contained information about train departure times and all too often delays and apply it to the wake-up time of an “alarm clock”.

Ever since, I’ve been wondering how I could apply my alarm clock hack to my daily drive and when I recently discovered the TFL Traffic Alerts Service I knew how to reawaken the project. Basically I intend to build a journey time predictor based on the following data,

  • The amount, proximity and severity of traffic alerts to my daily route.
  • Wheter or not it’s a school holiday or not.
  • The day of the week (I have a pet theory that people start earlier on a Monday and slowly get later towards the friday).

A screen scraping agent, LEGO snooze button interface, airport express wake-up tunes, getting to sleep in, and never being late to work again. I love it.


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