iPhone HD video recorder



The Monster and Friends Design Studio released a beta version of an iPhone camcorder app today. The hack’s author, drunknbass, was able to squeeze about 10fps out of the camera when capturing data at a 2 megapixel HD framesize.

The current beta will do this for 5 seconds, but the author alludes to a future version being able to record indefinitely long clips at a higher frame rate. This may only be achievable at the sacrifice of the huge frame size, though. I’d assume that there are some non-trivial data throughput and compression horsepower limitations that would make long recordings at high framerate and high resolution pretty difficult.

I’m hoping the next version is released with source. Hopefully, with a few heads taking a crack at optimizing things, iPhone users will get a slick guerilla video platform out of this.

iPhone Video Recording – [via] Link

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