iPhoneInterface: a tool for manipulating the iPhone emerges

iPhoneInterface: a tool for manipulating the iPhone emerges


The iPhone hackers from #iphone on irc.osx86.hu released a tool to “manipulate the iPhone’s state, launch services and interact with the chroot’d filesystem” last night. Although the Wiki is currently down, you can lurk in the IRC channel and keep an eye on the channel MOTD for notification of where to find it when it comes back up.

Remember, these folks are very busy, so be patient and don’t post messages to the IRC channel asking where to find the utility. They are working on two things right now: a new home for the Wiki and a Subversion repository for the source code. As soon as those are available in stable locations, the word will get out and you’ll be able to play with it.

The tool appears to be Windows-only for the moment, but could probably be coaxed to compile under Mac OS X. I’ll update this post with some first-hand experiences if I manage to get it to compile and work.

Update: I’ve written up my impressions and experiences here

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